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David Cassidy
David Cassidy
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Facts on David Cassidy.
Name: David Bruce Cassidy
DOB: April 12, 1950
Parents:  Jack & Evelyn Cassidy
Stepmom:  Shirley Jones
Brothers: Shaun, Patrick, Ryan
Wife:  Was married 3 times. 1st 2 marriges ended in divorced. 3rd marrage and still to this day is Sue Shrifrin Cassidy. 
Kids:  Beau Devin Cassidy,   Katie Evelyn Cassidy. 
Where Live Now:  Fort Lauderdale, Florida with wife and son.
Born:  West Orange, New Jersey. 
What is he: A singer and Actor
Career took off:  when he stared as Kieth Partradge on the hit tv series 1970-1974   "The Partradge family"
What is he doing now? 
Right now David is spending time with family and His career.  Starting on April 22nd he will be doing his last tour in the UK countries.  According to the papers and articals it has said that David is gonna be going back to Broadway and do some broadway shows and acting.
David Cassidy has made 2 grate recint cd's  "Then & Now "  and "Touch of Blue".   Recently has made sevral guest appearances on "the wayne brady show" ,  "malcome in the middle" ,  "the o'riley factor",   "good day live",  "E Holly Wood news".      "Holly wood squares",  "The Agency"  And the lest  Won the best male fashion plate award  on the "Tv Land awards" show. 
What's next for David this year?  A tour in the United Kingdom countries and who knows what will happen when he is done with the tour.  Maybe more guest apperances on Tv Shows and ofc Broadway!
Good Luck David!

z7_217.jpg               Wanna hear samples of david's new cd! click on the link! 

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