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   Name:  Terron Daru Brooks
DOB:  October 13
What is best known as: Protraying the late grate Eddie Kendricks in "The Temptations" movie!
Married:  Yes sorry ladies he's spoken for! :0) Terron And Leilani will be celabrating there 1 year aniversery on May 11th, 2004.  Congrats!
Where Born:  Los Angeles California
Where Live: California
Kids: No
Siblings:  2 Sisters as he stated on his site. 
What is he doing:   Is touring with the national "Hairspray" tour.



    Terron  Brooks was Born in Los Angeles California, Went to an all white school as a child, Is blessed by god for what he does in life.  He is a Christain And Married Leilani Cooper on May 11th, 2003. When Terron becomes inspired he writes his songs and even his "qouates" becoem songs! that's wounderful!,
     He is best known for playing "Eddie Kendricks"  in the movie "the temptations" !  Terron also played a role as "Brian Tate" in the up comeing movie "all about you" wich is on dvd March 9th 2004. 
          Right now he is playing a role of "Seaweed J Stubbs"  in the National tour "Hairspray"  wich is now in chicago till feb 15th and in Minnisota through Feb and I think till March 9th. 
           He is a Wounderful Actor and singer , Has 2 cd's out righ now Called "Terron Brooks  Alive"  and "Terron Brooks"  Wich I think his first cd is all sold out! acorrding to his site.  :0) 
What is next for Terron after "Hairspray"?  No News available. sorry folks
There's is a New Picture of Terron,  The girl in the picture is Sondra Denizse She play's  "Penny Pingleton"  in the national tour of "hairspray".  



Alright, I saw a new picture of Terron that was taken a month ago, Cant save the pic, have to order it ..wich I'm not going to,  Just imagin him the way he looks now , hair cut short , a white shirt with really thin brown strips along with a big pink rose across his shirt.   Acording to me it's an ugly shirt.  Sorry Terron but I don't like the shirt.   lol    sorry , 
   (clears throat)  Anyway's you can find it on   and then click on "Events"   then scroll down to "Hairspray" and his picture is # 6 and 8. 
   Well good luck on finding it, if have problems e-mail me and I'll lead you to it :0)   or e-mail me and tell me the time you will be in my chat area and I'll talk you through it as you find it!  Take care!    Good luck on finding it!  :0)