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The Temptations & The Movie!
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Here I'll be talking about The actors and the temp's.  
Christain Payton - Paul Williums
Hi christain fans!  Last I heard was that Chris is now Remarried ..and has 3 kids!  He's now I guess in  Los Angeles makeing a new movie ! wich is to be out in 2005 or this year!  Good luck Chris! 
Terron Brooks - Eddie Kendrick
Well Everyone should know that This busy busy man is with the Hairspray tour till September 9th.   As for the loyal fans pls dont feel offended when he dont reply, He is busy and will reply on his site when he can.  Anyway's I have no Idea what's new with him after "Hairspray".   Last week in Minn next he'll be in Denver!  Let me know how it is!  I know I wasnt able to see it! I'm pissed about it! Had my heart set on it!  Damn!  oh well !   
Leon Robinson -  David Ruffin
As for leon there is no news!  I know he is performing with the "people"  as for now pls check his website at    thanks!  If the link don't work ..pls check the Link page's there! 
D.B. Woodside - Melvin Frankland  aka (David English)
No news on D.B Woodside!  All I know is he ocasionaly appears on "24"  and  I also saw him on the "LifeTime" channle...and  He was on the "sharon osbroan"  (How ever you spell her last name)  sorry for the offence..I'm not the grates speller in the world!  no one is !   Anyway's no news on D.B. Woodside! 
Charles Mailk Wakefield (as how I pranounce it)  -  Ottis Williums 
No news!  last  I heard was he was in a Mortorcycale accident!  He's now recovering I've heard too!  Good Luck Charles!
Well That's all I have for now guy's !  I'm gonna add pictures here soon too!  Take care! hope this is helpful engouf for ya'all ! 

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