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Stories, Pomes, Qoutes, and sometimes a trivia or FAQ.
David Cassidy
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The Temptations & The Movie!
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terron brooks
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Stories, Pomes, Qoutes, and sometimes a trivia or FAQ.

On this page I'll show some of my stories, quotes, and trivia or if you wanna know some answers I'll be gladly do answer them for you under FAQ.  Enjoy!

Recipies of the week!

Mashed potatoes!

   cook about 6 potatoes,  mash them and then put some seasoning in it, along with some shredded chesse,  salt , peper  And if you want put tuna n milk in the potatoes.  And you have a meal :0)   

  Baked potatoes  with tuna,  cook potatoes and then spread tuna with it after you cut up the potatoes.  Put some buttuer in it and salt n peper and it will be good.  


I have no other recipies.  Take care!

Quotes of the week!

" A dream is like a river, ever changing as it flows
and the dreamer is just a vessel as it flows that will
follow where it flows."   By: Ribbitvt  
" if you love someone so much, Let them go..if it was ment to be..they will come back to you"   By:  Jamie
" The only reason a person would hate you, Is because he/ she is jealous of you"   
"All good things come to you , when you are in him"  By: Terron Brooks
"Dreams are nothing more then wishes"  By,  David Cassidy
" IF you are stressed you'll have a bad dream,  If you are will still have a strange dream,  If you are sad you'll be crying in your sleep" 
" if you fall in love, You can't get hurt. But it does get lonely sometimes,  Enjoy the little things. one day you may look back and relize that they were big things"
By Kim
" when you meet that special someone , you will understand why it didnt work out with anyone else."
"There is a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did,  and who always will...and the ones that do will always be there for you."
"I maybe deaf and I maybe blind, but that dosent make me any diffrent from you,  We are all human beings no matter who you are or what you are"
" No matter who or what you are, You can be anything you want to be, Don't let anyone stop you from your dream" 
"education maybe one thing, but a childs happiness is another"

Song of the week.  It may change again on sunday or saturday.  I'll put variaties of songs on here,  Songs from diffrent singers and bands. 

Time for Eddie's single hit along with the Temptations!  Here's a virsion that Terron sang in the movie!
"Each day through my window,  I watch her as she passes by....I say to myself your such a lucky guy!.....To have a girl like her..It's truely a dream come true!  out of all the fellas in the world ...she belongs to me! was just my magination ...running away with me ...I tell ya it was just my imagination ..running away with me ...
Every night on my knees I pray...Dear loard ..hear my plea don't ever take her love from me or I will surely die...Her love is Heavenly ..when her arms enfould me ..I hear her tender raspity ..but in reality ..she dosent even know me ...
it was just my imagination ..once again!  runnin away with me ..It was just my imagination ...running away with me ...
I never meet her I'll never for get her ! ...oh ya ya ya ..running away with me ..It was just my Imagination ...Runnin away with me !!!..... "
music fades end of song!  Thank you ladies and gentalmen!
Temptations  the way you do the things you do
"you've got a smile so bright ! know you could have been a candale!  the way you hold me so tight know you could have been a handle..the way you sweept me off my feet know you could have been a broom...the way you smell so sweet know you could have been some perfume !!..
well you could have been anything that you wanted to and I can tell...the way you do the things you do ..the way you do the things you do ..
As pretty as you are ..ya know you could have been a flower ..if good looks could cauz a know you could have been an hour ...if (i'm not sure of the line )  you know you could have been a cool crook look so smart ..ya know you could have been a school book ...
well you could have been anything that you wanted too and I can telll!  the way you do the things you do..the way you do the things you do!
song ends...
Ball of confusion.
"people movein in people movin out why cauz of the color of your skin
run run run but you sure cant hide! eye for an eye ..a touth for a touth  vote for me and I 'll set you free
rap on brother rap on!
Well the only person talkin about love thy brother is the preacher ..but it seems nobody is intrested in learnin but the teacher
Segragation ,  termination ,  determination ,  agravation to our nation ,  ball of confusion ,  ball of confuseion ! that's the way the world is today ooo hey. 
Round and round and round we go ..wheres the world head no body knows! 
music  ends..
"get ready" 
I never meet a girl who makes me feel the way you do ..your outa sight ,  when ever I'm asked who makes my dreams real I say that you do ,  ya alright
fee fie fo fum ..look out baby cauz here I come   I 'm brinning you a love that's true so get ready ..get ready   (cauz here I come)   I'm gonna love makeing love to you so get ready ..get ready  (cauz here I come)    get ready! 
music ends
Thank you! umm it sounds like I just gave a consert!  lol..well enjoy!

Pomes of the week.

Well what can I put here!??????????????????????   hmm Gotta think of one!  take care!  right now I'm busy with work n classes  so take care!  Gotta think of one on my own time!  sorry guys !