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terron brooks
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On this page I'll talk about myself.

Here's a trivia with a few questions on me.  :0)
1. NAME:  Amber 
2.  AGE: 22  
3. WHERE WERE YOU BORN:  Wisconsin 
4.  WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO EAT?  Salads  with either turkey or chicken in it. along with tamatoes and carrots.   yumm!
5.  What do you like to drink:  Water or diet sprite with cherry juice in it along with 4 cherries :0)
6. Do you like sweets?  NO!  I hate them all!  even thoe I get a b-day cake on my b-day so I gotta have a slice.  trust me I don't enjoy it lol even thoe I say I like it.  Yeah If I have a candy bar it's a treat for me.  Like I ever eat one. 
7.  What kind of music do you like (bands or singers) ?  I Like maria carry, David Cassidy ofc,  back street boys (some of the songs), TLC, Spice girls (some songs not all),  too many off the bat.  Simple I like music except for rap, heavy metal and country.  Well ok I like some contury not all.    I should add in Janet Jackson. 
8.  What turns you off?  men with long hair, rude people, Violnce people,  and people who do drugs.
9. What turns you on?  Hot men lol,  nice and kind people, and people who are friendly and acept you for who you are. 
10.  What are you scared of ?  Spiders (Trantulas)  and snakes. 
11. Whats your favorit color?  Blue Blue Blue!  I like all colors thoe but my most favorit would be Blue, :0)
12.  Do you drink or smoke?  No I don't drink much anymore And I don't smoke anymore.  
13.  What movies do you like?  I don't have a favorit  
14.  What do you do on Weekends?  Relax, Do school work, Go out with friends, Have fun, And work on my site.  Also do stuff around the house.  
15. What do you like to do for activity's ?  I Love roller bladeing , bikeing, walking, hanging out at the malls, looking for books to read and music to listen to.  Listening to music and learn the songs by heart, danceing , singing, try to sign songs And ETC.
16.  What kind of language do you know?  Sign language, some southern and western , english.  

My hobbies are writting songs and danceing, playing sports. I love roller bladeing and biking on the fox river trail .  
          Sometimes I like takeing a song that's slow and try n make it more faster, it's cool!   My other favorit hobbies is playing volly ball, basketball,  and yes ofc hockey.   
        My top most favorit entertainer is David Cassidy, Terron Brooks, Melissa Gilbert, And many more.  Used to be a Michael Jackson fan and a fan of the Jackson 5.     


Ok so here's a picture of me taken last month up at a cottage.  

Pictures Will be comeing soon, I'll probly add a "the cuteist baby picture"  of me.  There is one that'll make you laugh!. 

here I'll keep you updated on what's going on in my life, kind of like a weekly journal. 

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Nirvana, Frank Sinatra, Ibrahim Ferrer